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Re: suntax support...

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Sukanta Ganguly wrote:

>    The current version of openldap has support for the following basic 
> syntaxes, i.e. ces, cis, tel, dn.
>    Rfc 2252 and 2256 specify many more syntaxes that needs to be supported. 
> How do we provide support for these new syntaxes and the matching rules 
> related to them? In a more generic manner how can we extend the syntax 
> support by adding more syntaxes and their corresponding matching rules? Are 
> their any examples or any previous efforts in doing so? Any help in this 
> direction would be appreciated.

The syntax for the schema files is changed dramatically in openldap 2.x
(see my previous post)

openldap 1.x does not support LDAP v3 where openldap 2.x does.

I guess that answers the question.


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