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ldap_delete: No such object

ldapdelete gives a No such object error (ldapsearch has the
same problem). This is how I used it:
ldapdelete -f ~/Entrees_ldap/entree1.ldap -D "cn=root,
o=Experian, dc=FR" -w secret

The exact output of the command is :
ldap_delete: No such object
ldap_delete: matched: O=EXPERIAN,DC=FR

Here is the entree1.ldap file:
cn=Kadda SAHNINE, o=Experian, dc=FR
cn=Kadda SAHNINE
description=Ayatollah de l'info libre

Yet, this entry exists in the id2entry.dbb file (ldapadd
worked fine)

I also tried to delete it giving ldapdelete only the dn,
but it didn't work better

I think it's a very stupid mistake, but I can't find out
where it is.

Thanks for helping me

Experian, trainee
Boîte aux lettres - Caramail - http://www.caramail.com