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OpenLDAP v2 schema for NetScape roaming access


I'm trying to create a working schema for OpenLDAP v2 to be used for
NetScape Roaming Access. I was able to install the schema for OpenLDAP
v1.2.11 according to the document on:

Now I want to convert the schema to be usable for OpenLDAP v2.0 (yep I
know it is still in gamma) but it seems that v2 is usable enough to play
with these options.) I would like to have it working by the time 2.0 is

I have a basic but untested version that I need to debug. Anyone willing
to help can fetch it from

I encourage people familiar with OpenLDAP to have a look at it and correct
my mistakes. I'll update the file as needed. Please only send relevant
parts if you want to suggest changes.


Hugo van der Kooij; Oranje Nassaustraat 16; 3155 VJ  Maasland
hvdkooij@caiw.nl	http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~hvdkooij/
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