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 Hello !

 I am novice in LDAP technologes, so have a lot of questions... :-)

 I want to fully rebuild our old mail system and want to use the OpenLDAP
software as base directory service for authentication
 and mail routing purposes. Could anyone tell me something about possibility
of the team-work the next products:

 1) OpenLDAP
 2) Sendmail 8.11 + SMTP auth ( Now I've done SMTP auth, but without
OpenLDAP software)
 3) Cyrus IMAP/POP3 server

 Our clients using MS Outlook / Express on their workstations, so also I
need common address book in client's MUA's, and
 any mechanism for creating and supporting internal and external LDAP-based
mailing lists. (currently we're using Majordomo,
 and very appreciated). If somebody have such experinece, please share it
with me. I need only URL with good information about
 integration of these products, or any useful information by this topic.

 Sorry if did mistakes, I've warned you - I am a novice in LDAP.

 Thanks a lot!