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Re: slave server / replica

On 24 Aug 2000, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

> I've been playing with stunnel here.
> I put 'replica host=ldap2.xxx.zzz:636' on the master server,
> start stunnel on ldap2.xxx.zzz. Doing a search with
> '-h ldap2.xxx.zzz -p ldaps' from any machine works just fine.
> Adding a entry w/o ':636' to the master, works fine, it is replicated
> as it should. But when using ldaps, it doesn't replicate, it's just
> added to the master db...
I assume that on the replica host you have SLL available. 

I looked quickly into openldap-2.0-gamma slurpd server and it looks
like it doesn't support SSL. If this is true this is the reason why
entries are not replicated on the slave server.

Anyway using stunnel in client mode on the master you can forward a local  
port to a remote port 

stunnel -c -d 9999 -r  ldap2.xxx.zzz:636
and have

replica host=localhost:9999

Dont' know if it there are other issues here.. you can try.

> What might I've been missing here?