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RE: TLS/SSL in OpenLDAP 2.0 gamma clients

At 04:24 PM 8/24/00 -0700, Art Corcoran wrote:
>OK, so the StartTLS method makes a request over the default port (389) to invoke the startTLS extended operation, right?


>Unfortunately, when I try that I get a "protocol error" from iPlanet.  I assume that means iPlanet doesn't support StartTLS.  :-( 

Likely.  You can examine their root DSE to see if the Start TLS request
OID is listed in supportedExtension.

>The LDAPS is what I really wanted to do anyway.  Unfortunately, the -h option to ldapsearch is for host names only, not for URLs (this arg is passed unmodified to ldap_init(), which wants a hostname).

Well, that's the way I thought it was suppose to work (I don't use
ldaps:// myself).  Report it as a bug using the Issue Tracking System