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Re: OpenLDAP 2.0 gamma and objectClass

> >    (objectclass=posixAccount) ---- also finds zero entries
> This is correct (unless you defined posixAccount by including
> nis.schema... which, due to lack of two syntax validators, you
> cannot).  Note that equality matching for objectClass is done
> by OID. If the assertion string cannot be normalized to an OID,
> the assertion is Undefined.

I did include nis.schema.  Since authentication was my main concern I just
removed everything requiring those syntax validators.

> >    (objectclass=ou) --- zero entries again
> Unless you've extended schema, this is correct.  There is
> no 'ou' objectclass.  Use 'organizationalUnit' instead.

On double checking I see 'ou' is just an attribute type... oops.  I guess
that does make sense than.

> >    (uid=ad*) ---- finds uid=adean,dc=mycompany,dc=com
> >
> >This isn't normal is it?
> Normal would be have 'schemacheck on'... which would cause
> appropriate errors to be returned when adding these entries.

schemacheck is on.

posixAccount is a valid objectclass so "(objectclass=posixAcount)" should
work.  Or is there something else.