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Re: OpenLDAP v1.2.11 && SleepyCatDB v2.7.7

>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Timmons <ptimmons@courriel.polymtl.ca> writes:

    Patrick> Most of the problems I saw on Linux were related to
    Patrick> threads.

I  know... From what  I can  see, SleepyCAT  and OpenLDAP  isn't using
threads. Besides, all the machines are using the same Debian GNU/Linux
installation  (potato) and  the  same versions  of  all the  libraries
etc... So it can't be a threads problem...

    Patrick> Threads  should  not be  used  on  Linux because  Linux's
    Patrick> threads are  preemptive and OpenLDAP's code  is not meant
    Patrick> to run in such an environment.

Could someone  please explain in more  detail exactly WHY  this is so?
There have been  some information about this on  this and other lists,
but no  one have explained in  detail (and I wasn't  intressted at the
time). To make Kurt happy, do this of-list :)

    Patrick> Make  sure  you compiled  with  --without-threads on  all
    Patrick> machine.

Isn't this  default if Linux is  detected? Ben Collins,  is the Debian
packages  with or  without  threads  (these are  the  ones I'm  using,

    Patrick> Also a  specific version of  Sleepycat must be used  if I
    Patrick> remember correctly. I think it was something like 2.7.7.

See subject line :)

    Patrick> I feel  stupid telling  you these as  I know  you've been
    Patrick> here  for  a while.   But  I  feel  compelled to  try  to
    Patrick> help. You never know. Sometimes, big problems come from a
    Patrick> simple error.

No worries, and I agree :)