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Re: getting object by its DN

LDAPSEARCH has a -s (scope) option which defaults to 'subtree'.  If you specify
a scope of 'base' you can give a DN and it will return the record.

For example:

ldapsearch -h host -b <basedn> -s base "uid=bsmith,o=myorg,c=us"

Quoting Adrian Pavlykevych <pam@polynet.lviv.ua>:

> Hi everybody!
> Is there any simple ways to get LDAP object by its DN in OpenLDAP SDK?
> ldap_search() doesn't recognize filter like:
> dn=cn=sombody,ou=dept1,o=mycomp
> I know, that by splitting DN into cn and rest I can make search using rest
> of DN as base, but is that the only way?
> What is the cannonical approach?
> Thanks in advance,
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