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Eudora/Netscape Mail


I am also facing a problem same as the one described

I have not tried Eudora 4.0.1, but tried with Eudora

How can we specify the "dn" in Eudora so that the LDAP
gets it properly. I have the following entry in the
LDIF file.

dn: uid=dmiller, ou=People, o=airius.com
cn: David Miller
sn: Miller
givenname: David
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
ou: Accounting
ou: People
l: Sunnyvale
uid: dmiller
mail: dmiller@airius.com
telephonenumber: +1 408 555 9423
facsimiletelephonenumber: +1 408 555 0111
roomnumber: 4135
userpassword: gosling

For the Account Name and Password in Eudora LDAP
server properties (Modify Database/Network),
"dn: uid=dmiller, ou=People, o=airius.com" and
"gosling" are used.
But, in the server log "dn" seems to be an empty
string. That could be the reason
why the server does not return any results.

The "Search Base" and "Filters" (Modify
Database/Search Options) contain valid
entries which returns results without access control
in the LDAP server.

So, anyone has an idea like what should be specified
in Eudora so that
it works fine.

Similar problem exists in Netscape Address Book, where
the "Login with Password"
is checked in "Directory Server Property/General"
dialog box. When a search is done
it asks for email and password to access the server.
What value should be typed in 
for them ? I tried many combinations of

dn: uid=dmiller, ou=People, o=airius.com

But, none of them works. In netscape mail, the server
uses whatever we enter for
the user name as the search filter.

Tried "o=airius.com" and "secret" which are the rootdn
and rootpw in slapd.conf. 
Nothing works.

Any idea...? Am I missing something ?


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