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Re: Killing slapd on FreeBSD 4.1

At 10:54 PM 8/14/00 +0200, Urban Lindberg wrote:
>I'm talking OpenLDAP 1.2.11.
>I have tried -TERM, -HUP, -INT but none work. 
>When you run ps you will se the process, but if you trie to do a
>ldapsearch or some other ldap command, it fails an the process dies.

In 1.2, TERM and INT have same meaning, shutdown.  INT is preferred
as the semantics of TERM may change in the future.  If these
fail, you'll likely need to use KILL or ABRT which may result
in data loss and/or corruption.  The need to use KILL/ABRT is
most commonly the result of using a non-compatible (or outright
broken) threading environment.