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hi there,

has anybody tested the server replication in both directions?
as far as i can see the replication from master to slave works pretty well,
but if a client requests a change on the slave side i can't get the data
on the master...
i changed the scenario of the test007 in the source of openldap-1.2.11
and got "test007-replication failed" :-(

ok, the first thing to do is to set up the slave with a differing updatedn
and rootdn,
because requests as 'binddn' expected to be update requests from the server
and the slave
has to recognice that it isn't an update from the master...otherwise the the
slaveside would be updated
and the master wouldn't get any information!
with a different rootdn the ldap-client get's the information about the
master to connect
but authorization failes...

any hints?