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Re: PLEASE HELP ME, I'm new to LDAP!!!!

Instead of using ldif2ldbm, use ldapadd.  ldif2ldbm should only really
be used to reload data you originally dumped from the ldap server.

ldapadd won't work, but at least it will tell you why it doesn't work ;)

I have an entry on the Faq-O-Matic explaining how to set up a Netscape
compatible address book sort of directory server.  It should give you
some useful info. 



On  9 Aug, Gerry Maddock wrote:
>  I have had allot of trouble trying to get openldap to run on my  RH6.2
> box. First I was having problems compiling it, so I went with  the RPM
> version. Now I am able to start ldap and verify its listening  when I do
> a netstat -a. Now my problem is I can put info into LDAP with  no
> complaints, I just cant pull any of the data out. OK, Here is what I
> did:
> I saved an address book in LDIF format from netscape on my Windows box.
> I transferred the file (Futureaddress.ldif) to my linux box. Next  I
> issued the following command (WITHOUT LDAP
> ldif2ldbm -i /tmp/Futureaddress.ldif -f   /etc/openldap/slapd.conf
> then I started ldap and tried to conduct searches on the linux box with:
> ldapsearch -b 'dn' 'attrs'
> and I received the following answer from the linuxbox:
>  ldap_search: Bad search filter
> If I search using anything else I get:
>  ldap_search:No such object
> If I try to search from netscape address book on my windows  box
> pointing to the ldap server:
> Failed to Search due to LDAP error "No such object" (0x20)
> Someone Please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugh Caley, Lumeria, Inc.
Lead Systems Engineer