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Re: ACL question

>i have put the space in and i have userpassword attributes, but i still get
>insufficient access.
>any other ideas of what i could have wrong?

Do you have any other ACL lines you didn't bother to mention?

>>Two things come to mind.
>>1) The access rules should be like this:
>>defaultaccess read
>> access to dn="cn=peter choe,o=mycompany,c=us" by self write
>> or if the access line is on more than one line, a space should precedes
>>everey continuation line. Ex:
>>defaultaccess read
>>access to dn="cn=peter choe,o=mycompany,c=us"
>>  by self write

Do you sucessfully bind to the LDAP server? 

You can do a: ldapsearch -s base -b "cn=monitor" "objectclass=*"
which lists connections to the server.  That way you can see if 
authentication itself is failing, or if it is some ACL issue
deny-ing you access.  If you doing this mod from a command line tool
you may need to be quick fingered.

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