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ACL question

i am trying to set up my ldap directory to allow the person to alter their own entries.

for example:

dn: cn=Peter Choe, o=myCompany, c=US
objectclass: person
mail: choepete@mindspring.com
phone: 555-5555

i have the follow ACI in my slapd.conf:
default read
access to dn="cn=Peter Choe, o=myCompany, c=US"
by self write

but when i try to modify something it says insufficient access.  as far as i can tell from
reading about ACL, this should allow the person to add and modify their own entrie (ie
change their attributes).  am i wrong thinking this?  how would i set it up to allow each
user to change their own entries?

i am using openLDAP1.2.10.

thanks for any help

Peter Choe