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Re: LDAP for Win-NT


"T.Subramanian" wrote:

> Hi,
>         Can any one tell me the location from where i can download LDAP for Window NT . I tried at openldap site but could not find it.
>         Thanks for your time and answer
> Thanks,
> T.Subramanian.

"openLDAP2.0-alpha4" (LDAP server(s)+other LDAP stuff) for NT4 can be downloaded for free at:

One should perhaps note that this package is mainly for experimental purposes and for testing but it is quite stable. I wrote my server
based on this code (alpha3) and it is working great (appr. 25000 entries).

The man-page to start working from can be found at:

The administrators guide can be found at:

If you have problems installin/compiling e.t.c. please check out the FAQ (se above) before asking questions directly to the mailing list.
Good luck! :-)


Mikael Grehn
Systems Engineer
Envilogg Datateknik AB