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Info on a postfix rpm with LDAP for RedHat


+We don't want the additional dependency because most users don't use LDAP for
+mail ATM, and for 7.0, we're well beyond the point where new packages can be
+So what I've done for now is adding a %define LDAP option to the source
RPM and
+%if %{LDAP}'ing the changes, so adding the option with a rebuild comes down to
+editing one line in the spec file.

Until redhat 7.0 is out the srpm should be found in redhat's rawhide
(ftp://rawhide.redhat.com) in the powertools section.

Note: The default for this package is to run postfix in a chroot jail.  The
rpm copies the appropriate (hardcoded) libraries into the jail on install,
but after that you're on your own keeping the libraries current. -- I think.


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