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Ordering integers -- An integral attribute syntax?


I'm using openldap version 1.2.9.

Is there a syntax I can give to an attribute containing non-negative
integral data that gives me "natural" (not ascii) ordering comparisons?
Does "tel" do this?

My specific problem is that I've got unix groups in the ldap database and
would like to classify them into two "types" based on whether the gid is <
1000 or >= 1000.  Perhaps the number "1000" will change in the future.

I'm willing to add additional attributes to my group entries, say a "tel"
attribute, if that will let me do integral ordering comparisons.

Should I just give up on the notion of using gid ranges to classify groups
and add a "type" attribute to my group schema?  Are numeric comparisons too
much to ask?



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