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Re: More with PAM


> and now it seems to ask the ldap server ...
> and authenticates right, but ....
> it works as if the home or shell would be /dev/null because it just pops me
> off :( :

What about your entries in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow for the user
you're trying to login as? Do they still exist?

If yes: I'm a little bit out of luck then for now. I don't have a
        machine right now, where I could check this out. Maybe
        tommorow... Check that this is not a simple (?) password or
        encryption-method issue.

If no:  Apart from pam_ldap you'll also need nss_ldap, then. PAM
        really is responsible for the authentication only. For looking
        up other data (home directory, login shell, uid (?) etc.)
        you'll need nss_ldap and an appropriate /etc/nsswitch.conf.

I suspect it's the latter case, since your LDAP entry also contains
these additional entries usually found in
/etc/{passwd,shadow}. Installing nss_ldap is required then as far as I

Btw: These questions seem to arise quite often. Isn't there a HOWTO or
something similar describing the process of "ldapifying" user and
account management step by step? At least a simple introduction?