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Re: adding attributes to an existing object class

> Hi,
>          Thanks for the reply, I suspected that is what I was going hear, 
> if others are indeed adding attributes to an existing objectclass I'd like 
> to hear about..
> Jim
> At 11:52 AM 7/31/2000 -0400, Anthony Dean wrote:
> >Jim Howell wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi,
> > >         I'm still abit new to LDAP so please bear with me here.  I've 
> > read a bunch
> > > from the list archives as to how to add a new objectclass by using your own
> > > local.oc.conf and local.at.conf files and including them in the slapd.conf
> > > which seems straightforward enough.  However I'd like to know if anyone has
> > > added attributes to an existing objectclass, for example adding the
> > > "campus_phone" attribute to the "person" objectclass.  Thanks in advance
> > > for any help you can offer.
> > > Jim Howell
> >
> >Most of the existing objectclasses are already a defacto standard; if
> >you want to add to one I would copy it and add whatever you want to the
> >copy.  That way if you ever switch LDAP implementations you won't have
> >to modify it, you just continue to use your own objectclass.
> >
> >Anthony Dean

Or... another way is to create an auxilliary class, and add it
to the 'objectclass' attribute for all of your people, to allow
the additional attributes to be added.  These would be defined
in a separate file that is included from slapd.conf.

In practical terms the additional programming that this might require
may make it an undesireable solution, and that in some cases you could
modify an existing object in slapd.oc.conf.  After all, you can think
of LDAP as just another database and not worry *too* much about standards.
Just be aware that you are divirging from the standard was of doing things,
and that might cause you trouble in the future, though that is probably
limited to portability to other versions or brands of LDAP servers.