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Ldap-aware addressbook mail client?


I'm looking for a Windows email client that can manage references to
distributed LDAP entries as if they were locally stored info. What I'm
imagining is that I could centralize all address and contact info in an LDAP
server and users could set up various arbitrary mailing groups from entries
in this and other LDAP servers. The grouping information would be stored
locally in the client, with a list of references to the dn and url of the
actual contact info residing somewhere in an LDAP server. It would be really
cool if it stored a cached version of the contact info in case the server
was unreachable and some sort of "last updated" visual cue.

Hmm..I was thinking one of those big Microsoft clients like Outlook might be
that LDAP savvy, but it appears not so. Has anyone heard of such a piece of