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Re: Windows NT and binaries

Howdy Dirk,

Dirk Hamstra wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm trying to find out if I can get my hands on the
> binaries of OpenLDAP for NT 4.0 SP6. I'm looking only
> for the SLAPD. Would save me a lot of time if some1
> can ship me those bins.

For VC6 on NT (sp3 or greater I think) you should probably use
openLDAP2.0-alpha4. It can be found at:

"The" man-page for installing/compiling etc. this package can be found
at:  http://www.OpenLDAP.org/faq/data/cache/215.html

If you have any problems using it I'm sure that there are people (beside
myself) willing to help you at the mailings lists.


Mikael Grehn
Systems Engineer
Envilogg Datateknik AB