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Re: Install OpenLdap on NT machine

"Wang, Hua" wrote:

> Hi, all:
>   I have a question. I downloaded openldap1.2.11 and try to install on my NT
> machine. I read the platform hint but cannot find main.dsw described there,
> Does anyone else have the experience to install on NT or know this problem?
> Thanks a lot.
> Hua

Yes, I noticed that the project files (.dsw,.dsp) were corrupted when
downloading openLdap some months ago. It probably has something to do with the
"unzipper" but I am actually not sure. I got help from a kind guy named Gary
Williams who sent me the projectfiles. If you have constant problem with this I
could try and zip my version and sent it to you by email.


Mikael Grehn
Systems Engineer
Envilogg Datateknik AB
Email: mikael@envilogg.se