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query reply time

    I couldn't help noticing that using ldapsearch to preform a query on a uid,
being the uid part of the dn, i.e. dn: uid=xpto, o=myorg, c=country and although
that object is unique after ldapsearch has found my entry it "freezes" for one
second or two seconds letting me think that it's still searching for other occurances in the
database. After preforming a strace of the ldapsearch line i saw that even after getting
the entry in question it still preforms a select and a read ... does that mean he goes
searching for other entries even after he finds a match that he knows(?) it is unique?
    If so, is there any way to "tell him" that he should be satisfied with that 1st match
and that "he" should end the query there?

note: response time is indeed a powerfull factor when it comes to services interacting with ldap.

Thanks in advance,
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