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Re: NEWBIE trying to get to grips

On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Gerald Carter wrote:

> > The goal is to set up a Samba "NT-Domain" on a 
> > server (RedHat6.2). The same server will also run 
> > slapd (OpenLDAP1.2.11). I want to be able to 
> > authenticate WindowsNT4 and RedHat6.2 clients againt 
> > the samba-PDC who authenticates against the LDAP server. 
> > From what I've read I gather that this is possible!??
> The LDAP support in Samba is experimental, but I'm working on 
> it for the 2.2.0 Samba release.  It only works (a little)
> in SAMBA_TNG.  The LDAP support in the main release code,
> it broken and will not compile.

Would what these guys have done here be possible with the current
development sources of SAMBA_TNG?


Appreciate the previous reply,