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How to modify my database using ldap_modfiy

I have created web pages using PHP to search my ldap database.
I now want the facility to be able to amend entries within this 
database using these web pages.
I have used PHP to create a file that holds the amended record.
	This file has the format
		changetype: modify
		dn: cn=NOC,dc=pokuscca,dc=cz
		Vedouci: zzz

My coding in the PHP script is

	If ($ds)

$info=ldap_get_entries ($ds,$sr);

ldap_close ($ds);
The error messages I get are
Warning: LDAP: Expected Array as the last element in 
/www/htdocs/php/zkousit/pokusseznam2.php3 on line 419
Line 419 is the ldap_modify line

Warning: 0 is not a LDAP result index in 
/www/htdocs/php/zkousit/pokusseznam2.php3 on line 422	
Line 422 is the ldap_get_entries line.

Can anyone help or give me pointers where I should I should look 
to solve this problem.



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