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Understanding LDAP

Hi guys,

I'm new to this LDAP. I have surf n surf all the beaches (site) that has

LDAP information but still cannot grasp on how it work in term of the
directory schema, entry, objectclass and attribute.

Correct me if I'm wrong. The LDAP store it data or entry in the database

based on the directory schema and the schema is based on the objectclass

and the attribute. The openldap distribution come with this
and slapd.at.conf. Is this the standard objectclass and attribute ? What

about posixAccount and inetOrgPerson objectclass that I found on some
of the web site ? Can we defined our own objectclass and attribute ?
Where can I found the comprehensive list of objectclass and attribute ?

Said that I want to have an entry in the LDAP database that have the
info from organizationalPerson, posixAccount and inetOrgPerson
(I found this at ldap.hklc.com) objectclass, so I just write this three
definition in a file and rename it to slapd.oc.conf and discard the
objectclass. Will this work ? if not why ?

How an entry is written in the LDAP database when we use openldap that
came with RH6.2 by default ? Said that I enter a data using common name
and want their unix account information as well, do I have to combine
structure/schema from the organizationalPerson and posixAccount and
created a single
objectclass so that I only have one entry in the LDAP database. If I did

not combine both the objectclass do I have to enter two dn into the LDAP

database ? (one for the organizationalPerson and one for the

Do point me to where I can find the answer for the above question, and
thank you very much for all the information that I can get.