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Problem with SLURPD and multiple databases to single slave

** Low Priority **


I have encountered a problem which previous discussion threads do not seem to have encountered.

I have a single OpenLDAP server with two separate LDBM databases on it.  One of the LDBMs is the root and the other is an OU off that root ( historical reasons ).  This all works perfectly.

I want to replicate the updates to both databases to replicas on a single backup server.  ( The slave server also has matching separate LDBM databases defined on it.  ) I have duplicate replica statements in each LDBM defintion. ( And because I am lazy I am using the same updatedn ( the rootpw ) for each of the replicas.)

The problem is I cant get both replicas to update at the same time. Only the first replica updates, the 2nd does nothing and gives no error messages.  But if I comment out the statements for the first replica then the second starts updating the slave.

When I start SLURPD in debug mode it verifies it has read the config succesfuly and that it is running two replication streams.  The only anomaly is that the identifier it gives to each stream is the same ( i.e IPaddress:0 ).  ( I have identified the slave using its IP address).

Any suggestions as to why this isnt working?