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ldapconnection error while using netscape server sdk4.1 java classes



i am using netscape server sdk 4.1 but not installed

i want to use only java classes which are used
for ldap connection

can i use it or do i have to configure it
if yes then how

what i 've tried

when i run GetAttr.java it shows me an 
error of
LDAPConnection.class not found

i had already set classpath and all that stuff
what do i have to do for 
each java classes covers 

import netscape.ldap.*

how this can be get worked
i think LDAPconnection.class is due to
find netscape.ldap.* lib

i had already installed openldap on machine and is working with netscape browser by seeing it's entry in the borwser's address book

if anyone can help
thanx a lot