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...a few quick questions...

        I've got a few questions that weren't immediately answered by
my searches through the FAQs at www.openldap.com.  I've installed and
configured and got slapd working, but want to know a few things before
I go much further.

o. Can anyone suggest a good book (I like hard copy) or two that explain
LDAP, why and how it should be used, and the basics behind directory

o. OpenLDAP: how scalable/reliable is it?  Are there any large-scale
implementations?  I'm looking at using it to tie together several
services (RADIUS, IMAP, Web Proxies, on-line update systems) for
what could become a very large system.

o. Can OpenLDAP be configured/hacked to either use a SQL backend for
storage, and if so, is that backend usable by other entities, or would
we have to sync that backend to OpenLDAP through the LDAP interface?

o. Is anyone using it? 

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