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Threads and Solaris (was: Re: Test script doesn´t pass)

Hm. I'm a little bit confused about the threads item. Infact the FAQ talks
about that configure parameters you mentioned. But at another place in the
FAQ we can read that openldap is only threadsafe for cooperative threads but
not with preemptive threads.
And I also remember, that someone in this list said, that all the thread
implementations within Solaris will be preemptive and it was strongly
recommended to compile openldap under Solaris definitely without threads, at
least without kernel threads.
Is that right, what I remember, who can help us?
I definitely like to use threads under Solaris and at the moment I'm rather
unhappy with Pth.
Has anyone experience with threaded slapd (!!) under Solaris?

Ah, Monika, about the gdbm. You use a dynamic library ended with so.*. May
be the LD_LIBRARY_PATH did not include the location of this library?


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Subject: SV: Test script doesn´t pass

Thanks so much Wolfgang.
In Solaris FAQ you could choose to compile without threads OR with other
options. I did chose other option as you see.
I can try to install sleepycat BUT I did install gnus dbm just before I
started instasllation of LDAP.
I don´t understand what is happening :-)
I shall try your advices I think.

Best regards from Monika

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Till: Vestelind, Monika; openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
Ämne: Re: Test script doesn´t pass

> I am trying to install openldap_1.2.11 on Solaris 2.6
> I have installed gdbm on this machine.
> I run:
> env LIBS="-lpthread -lposix4" .configure ----with-ldbm-api=gdbm
Oh, you should no compile slapd on a Solaris-box with threads enabled ...
see the FAQ for this.

> First of all - I see on the screen backend:ldbm...is it right?...I thought

> did change it to gdbm
> then i get fatal error when the script tries to build slapd database.
> The error message is: libgdbm.so.2: open failed: no such file or directory
> And then message that: ./scripts/test001-ldif2ldbm failed (exit 137)
> Anyone who knows what exactly happens ?   .... :-)
> I wish I did know Unix, but I am only a curious person and I need to try
> slapd.
You linked in a certain dbm library (gdbm) which does not exist on your
system. I suggest switch from
--with-ldbm-api=gdbm to --with-ldbm-api=db2 and compile the BerkeleyDB
(http://www.sleepycat.com) first.


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