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Re: tutorial?

You may want to look at the SLAPD and SLURPD administrator's guide to 
understand the configuration files. It is available online at

If you need an understanding of the openLdap API,I think the openldap man
pages are quite descriptive from a programming point of view. Just click
on the libraries link on the openldap home page and it will take you to
the API man pages.

If you want to understand the contents and syntax of the ldif file, you
may probably want to read some of the rfcs. All the relevant rfcs are
included in the doc/rfc directory in the ldap distribution. Also take a
look at the schemas defined in the etc/openldap/schemas/core.schema file
to find out the core schemas implemented in openLDAP. The entries you
include in the ldif file are specific instances of the objects you define
in the schema files. These schema files are included by using the
include directive in your slapd.conf file.

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Gregg Carrier wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to ldap and really just need some basic tutorial-paced info. I have
> this Wrox book Implementing Ldap, but it doesn't seem so good. Anyone know of
> an OpenLdap-specific tutorial that goes into more detail than the quick start
> guide? I can't get anything to work beyond installation and starting the
> server. I imagine this is just because of my lack of understanding. I keep
> getting invalid credentials and object not found error messages. I'm trying to
> import an ldif file like the one in the quick start guide, but it says object
> not found. See, I don't even know what object it means. I'm just following the
> guide and typing what it says without understanding what the fields in
> slapd.conf REALLY mean and what the arguments to ldapadd mean. It really bugs
> me to just copy something without understanding it.
> Anyway, sorry to take up space in this list. newbie@openldap.org list perhaps
> is needed? But if anyone can point me to some newbie info, I'd be very
> grateful. Thanks.
> Gregg