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howto make client certi validity via openldap

hi kurt

i'm usind openldap1.2.11
and also client and server certificate
on rehat6.2,apache_1.2.13,modssl,openssl support

what i want is to make client validity check
from the server side via ldap
by chekcing whether client certificate has not been

for that
certificate mapping SDK

but now they are telling that in order to have
certificate mapping SDK workign you must have
directory server SDK
hence i downloaded Directory server SDK 4.0 java

but i am unable to compile or rather just
not able to see how to make Directory server SDK
4.0 java get compile and run and install

i had already visited and have installation manual
but it does not help me

maybe you or any of your friend can help me

thanx a lot for reading this long mail