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Are there any problems known with Pth 1.3.6 and openldap 1.2.11? We run it
under Solaris 2.6, the backend is the BerkeleyDB, db-2.7.7. (I searched the
archive but didn't found anything helpful for me.)

I just compiled in this userland thread library to achieve better response
times for concurrent lookups, each with large result sets. But what I found
is, that the output of those large result sets stop at a random time and
will continue when I issue a lookup with another client.

I gave: (round about 400,000 entries in the server)
ldapsearch -b "dc=uu.net" -D "cn=root,dc=uu.net" -w secret -L

I got a couple of entries, then it stops.

I gave from another xterm:
ldapsearch -b "dc=uu.net" -D "cn=root,dc=uu.net" -w secret -L -z 10

I got the entries and the output for the first lookup will continue for a
while, then stops again. Reproducable.

I traced with "slapd -d 1" and found slapd stucking in "send_search_entry"
in file result.c. It waits at "ldap_pvt_thread_cond_wait( &conn->c_wcv,
&active_threads_mutex );"
I attached the file. The debug mark 14 is the last thing I saw when the
output stops.

Be aware: the output stops not for ever. It starts again when I issue a
lookup with another client.

Can anyone help?


Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Hottgenroth
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