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Re: Different trees for different stuff

Luke Howard wrote:

> As long as nss_ldap is configured to a subtree search scope,
> then this will "just work". nss_ldap should really allow
> you to specify different subtrees for different maps so
> that you can just do a onelevel search, but I'm afraid we haven't
> implemented that functionality yet.

Fair enough. So you'd have the LDAP client searching through ALL maps
until it found a matching one?

What needs doing for NSS_LDAP to support this? Are you looking at this
in the near future? What I think would be cool would be something like

passwd: files ldap [ou=passwd,o=xavier]
group: files ldap [ou=group,o=xavier]

Although I guess that would probably require some changes to the
nsswitch libs on the various platforms and therefore not applicable.
Perhaps something in ldap.conf.

Thanks for your reply.


P.S. I love your work ;-)


Matthew Geddes
Network Manager
Xavier College
Gawler, SA