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Re: rootpw can't be encrypted

At 11:06 PM 7/13/00 -0500, Dannie M Stanley wrote:
>I am running openldap-1.2.11 on RedHat 6.  I have been banging my head
>against the wall trying to use an encrypted password in the slapd.conf
>file.  A plain text password works fine but when i try to use encryption
>it doesn't work, ugh!
>For example I have run a simple Perl script for generaing and SHA
>password, I use 'secret' here as an example.
>      use Digest::SHA1;
>      $ctx = Digest::SHA1->new;
>      $ctx->add('secret');
>      print '{SHA}' . $ctx->b64digest . "\n";
>Which generates:
>      {SHA}5en6G6MezRroT3XKqkdPOmY/BfQ

Try:  {SHA}5en6G6MezRroT3XKqkdPOmY/BfQ=

b64digest strips the padding.  Someone who knows perl
is welcomed to update the examples in the FAQ.