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Re: rootpw can't be encrypted

>From the slapd.conf man page it seems like it should be possible:

"rootpw <password>
Specify  a  password  (or  hash of the password) for the rootdn.  This
option accepts all password formats  known  to  the  server  including
{SHA},  {MD5},  {CRYPT},  and  cleartext.  Cleartext passwords are not


Dannie M Stanley
SpinWeb Net Designs, Inc.

William Yodlowsky wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Dannie M Stanley wrote:
> > I am running openldap-1.2.11 on RedHat 6.  I have been banging my head
> > against the wall trying to use an encrypted password in the slapd.conf
> > file.  A plain text password works fine but when i try to use encryption
> > it doesn't work, ugh!
> [snip]
> > Keep in mind that this same command works fine when specifying a plain
> > text password in the slapd.conf file.  Someone please help me.  I refuse
> > to store root's password in plain text.
> I'm pretty sure it doesn't support encrypted passwords in slapd.conf.
> Use cleartext, but set the file to be owned by root and mode 600.  No one
> can read that...
> `-
> William Yodlowsky
> <wyodlows@nj.devry.edu>