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help with ldap_add


  I am a new user of the openldap api. I wrote a little client program to
add new LDAP entries belonging to different object classes as defined in
rfc2307.txt, using ldap_add_s. The only objectclass I have so far
succeeded in adding is "person" and "organization" as given in the
quickstart example. If I try to add the following entries I get an
"undefined attribute type" error for both entries. the ldap_add api does
not specifically point out which of the attribute types is undefined.

( the values below  merely serve as examples and dont have any real

dn: cn= TCP, dc=uiuc, dc =edu
cn: TCP
ipServicePort: 2000
ipServiceProtocol: tcp
objectClass: ipService

dn: cn=group, dc=uiuc, dc=edu
cn: group
gidnumber: 5000
objectclass: posixGroup

I tried the ldapadd command line as well but it gave me the same error.
If these attribute types have been implemented, would someone tell me what
the source of this error may be?