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squid_ldap_auth authentication script

Hi all,

	I'm using squid_ldap_auth script to authenticate my users. There is
a problem here that, perhaps you can help me. So, I'm using squid2.3STABLE2
on Solaris 7 (SPARC) and I have 7,000 users on my company... the
authentication script (squid_ldap_auth) is working fine until four/five
hours but after this time the connection wiht LDAP Server is finished and
anybody make authenticate again... do you know why ?

To squid_ldap_auth working fine every day .... I have to restart the squid
process of 3 in 3 hours . Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot
Sergio Henrique Oliveira Pereira
Technology Consultant
e-mail: sergio.pereira@edb.ericsson.se
Contact: 55 11 6224-8590
Mobile : 55 11 9119-9819