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Re: Attribute syntaxes and clients

At 09:53 PM 7/10/00 -0400, dan@docmail.docisp.com wrote:
>Pardon me, if this question sounds ignorant, but I couldn't
>find much about this in documentation. 
>When OpenLDAP server returns an entry to the client, does it
>return attribute syntaxes e.g. cis or ces?

A server returns values of a given attribute type.  In LDAPv2
(which OpenLDAP 1.x implements) clients must have a priori 
knowledge of the syntax of attribute types.  There is no
discovery mechanism in LDAPv2.

>We're migrating
>from Windows and using ADSI (I know, I know...). ADSI
>considers many of the attributes returned as invalid
>(mainly all attributes in auxiliary classes) since it cannot
>determine their syntax. Is there something that needs to be
>done on OpenLDAP's side or its ADSI's fault? Anything will
>be greately appreciated. Thank you very much.

I haven't an ADSI clue to offer.