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Re: Trouble configuring/using OpenLDAP

> ldap.conf
> BASE    dc=mmrd, dc=com

> slapd.conf
> suffix          "dc=mmrd, dc=com"
> rootdn          "cn=Manager, dc=mmrd, dc=com"
> rootpw          secret

> newentry  (I've tried several, this is my latest/simplest attempt)
> dn: o=MMRD
> o: MMRD
> objectclass: organization

> The command I run is:
> [root@ldaphost openldap]# ldapadd -w secret </tmp/newentry
> adding new entry o=MMRD
> ldap_add: No such object
> [root@ldaphost openldap]#         

Your suffix is "dc=mmrd, dc=com".  Any dn you add must be either
that suffix, or something under it.  Certainly, "o=MMRD" is illegal.
You need something like:

dn: dc=MMRD,dc=COM
objectclass: organization

dn: cn=manager,dc=MMRD,dc=COM
objectclass: person
cn: manager
sn: manager