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problem w/ 2 replica slave

Hi all,

some problem while I config w/ 1 master and 2 slave.configuration is like these:
master rootdn is o=test.com, and 1 slave w/ updatedn c=cn,o=test.com ,then other is a full backup replica, binddn is also o=renren.com
so when I insert a entry like cn=xx,c=cn,o=test.com, I'd like this entry will be insert into all these 3 server .while if I insert a entry like cn=xx,c=hk,o=renren.com will insert only to the master and the full backup slave.

1. when I insert a entry like cn=xx,c=hk,o=test.com, I think the slurpd needn't send it to the first slave but only sent to the master and the fullbackup slave. But when I read the ldap.log in the first slave. it also get the insert item ,of course, failed due to error.  why? the replog in the master is like following:
replica: ip of first slave
replica: ip of the fullbackup slave
time: 962895012
dn: cn=test2,c=hk,o=test.com
changetype: add
objectclass: renrenuser
cn: test2
userpassword: aa
uid: 11
creatorsname: cn=Manager,o=test.com
modifiersname: cn=Manager,o=test.com
createtimestamp: 20000706145012Z
modifytimestamp: 20000706145012Z

I think the "replica: ip of first slave" shouldn't occur here. but it did, what's wrong?

2.if I add 2 replica server, do I need 2 seperate replog file? if so, how to config in the slapd.conf? man page is helpless. Or do I need one for each replica host or no matter how  many replica slave I h ave, all they will share one replog file?