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sub-scope searches and performance


I'm setting up a fairly large slapd database and I can't seem
to get the performance out if I expected. Any help is appreciated:

Queries using scope BASE or ONE work properly and efficiently
but if I want to restrict the search space using the SUB scope,
the search seems to go through the entire database in a linear 
fashion. With a couple of million entries, this takes time.

I am using quite many attribute indexes and I tried to 
improve performance by adding full indices to all those attributes
which appear as parts of the searched dn's, but got no gain from it.

Is there something here I'm missing? Am I supposed to explicitly
do something in order to enable fast sub-scope queries? I would
imagine that the 'id2children.gdbm' would provide the means for
subtree searching without admin intervention..

As you can see, I'm using gnu dbm with ldbm as a backend. I'd
be happy to provide any further details on my setup.

I'm a bit at loss as to what's wrong and I would be very grateful 
for any clues.

Teemu Antti-Poika