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Re: ´ð¸´: ´ð¸´: Access-Config & Schema via LDAP


Hong Li wrote:
> If you want to use pre-defined object class in slapd.oc.conf and attribute in slapd.at.conf, you don't need modify the slapd.conf at all. But, if you want to use object defined by yourself,such as "Germany-People", you MUST modify the slapd.conf to include a INCLUDE line to include your own object define file such as helge.oc.conf and helge.at.conf.  and you need use the same format for these file as in the slapd.oc.conf and slapd.at.conf file.

Sorry, but you still didn't get my question. I do not want to edit any
config files with vi or emacs, instead I want an OpenLDAP backend which
does that. That is, a backend which represents (can parse and emit) the
information contained in those config files as a LDAP directory

This would have the advantage a) that I can remotely edit the OpenLDAP
configuration, b) that I can use a single protocol & client for doing so
(=LDAP), c) that there might be a standard way for doing so between
different LDAP servers.

best regards