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Re: ´ð¸´: Access-Config & Schema via LDAP


I'm not sure whether you understood my question. I *don't* want to
modify slapd.conf, I would like to configure the server via LDAP. 

Eg to get the schema for an object I would like to use sth like that

  ldap_search "(&(objectclass=objectclass)(classname=inetperson))"

and get back sth like that

  dn: classname=inetperson,o=MDlink.de
  classname: inetperson
  attributes: name1,name2,name3,email,street

or maybe a tree like that:

       /           \
  inetperson       printer         objectclass: objectclass
   /   |   \      /   |  \
name email uid  ip  name type      objectclass: objectclass-attribute

Similiar for ACLs which I would like to configure/retrieve using
standard LDAP clients.

I would like to know whether there is a backend (or some other thing)
which operates on slapd.conf like files to make the above happen.
Further I would like to know whether there are standards in LDAP which
describe how to accomplish that (eg the objectclass definition for an
objectclass definition ;-)


Hong Li wrote:
> The access rights is all up to you. LDAP has provide enough detailed configuration for this purpose. please take a look at the man page of slapd.conf
> While you read the man page of slapd.conf, I am sure you will find out what does the "schemacheck on/off" statement means .
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> Ö÷Ìâ: Access-Config & Schema via LDAP
> Hello,
> is there a standard-way (or standard backend) to configure access rights
> using an LDAP client ? Or is the only way to setup rights to configure
> an appropriate slapd.conf by hand ?
> Is a backend planned/available which read/writes slapd.conf ?
> What about the schema, is/will this be available via the LDAP protocol ?
> Thanks
>   Helge

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