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Re: OT: LDAP-Authentication for MacOS?

On Tue, 4 Jul 2000, Marian Steinbach wrote:

> Sorry for the OT Mail, but I hope some of you understand the problem:
> Is there any possibility to authenticate MacOS (no matter what version)
> users against an LDAP server?
> Right now the MacOS plattform seems to be the most difficult part in a
> single-login environment.
> MacOS-X doesn´t support PAM, as far as I know, does it?
> Any hints regarding related articles, discussions or solutions are welcome!

I searched Google, and found the following link:

If MacOS X can authenticate using Samba, you can simply (actually, it's
not that simple..) configure the Samba server to authenticate using the LDAP server.

Hope this helps.

On a related note; the AppleShare server for Linux (netatalk) supports
PAM, and therefore LDAP. :)