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´ð¸´: Any book tips?

First,  understand the general working flow of LDAP servers, its purpose and its advantage.
Second, download openldap package, uncompress to a directory then go to read the 2 necessary file(README,INSTALL and FAQ if has), following the install steps describe in those files.
Third, go to read documentation of LDAP, useful link is:
Fourth,try to find a way to take advantage of ldap for your own interest, such as a central personal contact list(each entry there contain name,phone,email,age etc) . Then w/ knowledge from above files, go to implement it. Anything wrong, just go to www.openldap.org/search, or these mailing list, everything you need is here.

With patience and interest, you can do it also.

good luck,


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??: Any book tips?

I´d like to learn some base-knowledge about LDAP.
I´d like to test some LDAP directories too. But as a rare unix-user
I need a lot of help to get it to work. My question is:
Is it any good literature that can give me some knowledge about it and 
guide me through implementation procedure?
Any tips are very appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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