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Re: referencing other dn entries


> This is probably another dumb question, but my directory has a class
> fspiAssociate that is for employee information.  Along with this
> information will be the division (geographical) that they work at.  Am I
> better off creating a directory of the divisions and including a single dn
> attribute in the associate's entries?

Your graphics are fine :-)

I've been doing exactly this in our ldap server for about 6 months and it
seems to work well. We have an external "ldap manager" application which
nightly follows the division reference on every employee and updates some of
their other attributes based on their division's attributes (eg fax number,
physical location, postal address). This is a great labour saver when either
a person moves divisions, or a division moves to a new part of town....

You definitely DONT want to have people under their divisions in your ldap

Good luck
Graeme Joyce