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Im currently running openldap 1.2.10...very happy so far...

I am experiencing something weird currently that I havent been able to
get around , yet...

I recently needed to update my ldap .dbb...so i removed all the files
from my /usr/tmp directory where the .dbb files reside....at this point
i took the ldif file i had generated and ran
ldif2ldbm -j 6 -i ldiffile

then i restarted slapd.... a ps ax shows me that of course things
started again...so all would seem fine...however, the new information
doesnt show up when i connect to ldap...
ie. i still get the old info but the newer entries i had added are not
apparently there...

so, i rm my netscape cache file incase it was cached....still same
thing... Im not sure what else to do at this point to get things too
show up...If this doesnt work how does one update
their ldap....must i do an ldapadd for every entry....yuk....I would
like to make this work so that i can just write a script and put in cron
to run weekly....to keep my ldap up to snuff....

Anyways...any thoughts would be appreciated....and anyone with a cure is
even better....

Ray Schneider
Operations Engineer	http://www.scoreboardinc.com
Founded gmulug		http://www.af-design.com/gmulug

Premature optimization is the root of all evil.
                            -D. Knuth