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ldap 2.0 on win200, eventID (1281)

I have successfully built 2.0 on win2000 but I am having problems adding
entries. When I add entries using
	ldapmodify -a -D "cn=meo, dc=PRISMedia, dc=com" -W secret < myAdd.ldif
One of two things happen. The first time I do it I get an "operations error"
the second time I do it I get an "already exists" error. The problem is that
when I do an ldapsearch it says that nothing is in the list. I looked in the
log files (like Kurt suggested) and in the win2000 event viewer I am getting
and eventID error 1281 and 1280. Something about some missing dlls but it
doesn't tell me which dlls. If anbody has any ideas about what I am missing
or if I didn't build the project correctly please let me know.
Thanks Again!

								Best Regards,
									Carlos Araya